French Montana, Diddy, MGK, Red Cafe, Los Shoot 'Ocho Cinco' Video

The new visuals to accompany French Montana's "Ocho Cinco" premiere Sunday morning on but in the meantime, MTV News dropped by the video shoot in Los Angeles for a little preview. Diddy, Machine Gun Kelly, Los and Red Café were all on set.

Machine Gun Kelly, clearly a fan of the track, explained why he was excited to be involved. "‘Ocho Cinco’ is the new s---. You can walk up to an old white lady, and be like 'what’s up with that ocho cinco' and she won't know what you’re talking about," he explained. "They don't know what it means yet." He's got a good point.

Diddy, in his usual black leather, took a minute to remind fans that Excuse My French is on the way. "Freaks" is the latest single from the album featuring Nicki Minaj, which French debuted last week. "I just felt like she was one of the hottest female artists to come out of New York in a while, and I felt the same about me," he explained on Wednesday's episode of "RapFix Live." "So I felt it was a record that's more for the city — [you] see two people that's doing real good put a record together."

Excuse My French is currently due May 21.