Chris Brown Is So Grateful That Adele Stood Up For Him

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience

By Beckett Mufson

It turns out that the Chris Brown vs Adele verbal smackdown we thought we saw at the Grammy’s was actually a laid back, friendly conversation. Adele cleared things up on Wednesday when she tweeted “Chris Brown and I were complimenting each other in that photo actually" and Breezy is thrilled that someone has his back, for once! (Besides Rihnna).

The snapshot seemed to capture Chris looking upset and Adele looking even more upset, possibly throwing words at him. The Internets speculated that she was ticked when he didn’t stand up for rival rapper Frank Ocean’s Best Urban Contemporary Album Grammy win, but it turns out she was just being another fan.

On Thursday Chris confirmed Adele’s tweet, replying, "Pleasure to meet u @OfficialAdele I heard your words and that's all that matters. Thank u for speaking truth. CB." Pictures of the two posing and smiling were taken right after the now-debunked “fight” further showing the friendly vibe of their Grammy conversation.