Did Nicki Minaj's Bikini Pictures Make Your Valentine's Day?

Nicki Minaj Performs At The 02 Arena

Just when we were beginning to wonder when Nicki Minaj actually took time off between recording, touring, judging on "Idol," and launching cosmetics lines to vacation a little, we have our answer. The YMCMB rapper took a little trip for Valentine's Day and she decided to share some very provocative photos from the pool with her fans.

"Wish u were here," she initially wrote, tweeting a poolside photo, before adding. "Bikini pic up next. who's ready?

And boy were her fans ready. "Happy #VagDay boyz... #JerkResponsibly #prettygangmakenoise #freaksoniTunes" she wrote sharing the below pics. Fans were, er, excited by the images and she spent some time retweeting their reactions and encouraging them to participate. "ok boyz&barbz...show me wutchoo got! post ya pic now! i wanna give away some vagday cash to the sexiest #dude and #barb GO!!! LMAOOOOOO. MUST BE 18&OVER TO APPLY.

Looks kinda like the cover art for French Montana's "Freaks" single, which she drops a verse on.