Lil Wayne Gets Sinister In 'Love Me' Video With Drake, Future

By Henna Kathiya

Sure, Lil Wayne released his new video “Love Me” on Valentines Day, but if you think the video is full of flowers and teddy bears think again. Weezy added his own flair to the video making it more sinister than loving.

The Hannah Lux Davis directed video is definitely an entertaining watch, what with three women crawling around seductively in a flooded bedroom. There are enough weird visuals to keep you occupied while watching the video and here are some of the best highlights from Tunechi’s latest song.

Half Women/Half Creature

It may be an homage to the title of his album I Am Not A Human Being II but this video seemed like every man’s fantasy, if you’re into reptilian women that is. Women had horns, scales, tails and strange markings on their face, including one with a butterfly affixed to her face. Not to mention the women were in metal cages adding to the whole sinister S&M feel of the video.

Flooded Bedroom

Although we’re not sure what sort of fantasy this appeals too Wayne appeared in a bedroom on a bed with three scantily clad women crawling around in water. He was able to achieve the “awesome scenery” he told MTV News about last month during the shoot.

Is that blood or paint in the tub?

Of course this video couldn’t close out just any other way, the end of the clip shows two women covered in blood or what looks like very red paint crawling around in a stark white bathroom. To add to the oddness the tub is full of the same liquid, which the women are taking and wiping on the stark white walls.

This video also features other great bits, such as Weezy pulling off a crazy skateboard trick over a bombed out car. There are also appearances from Drake and Future who collaborated on the single with Wayne. If you’re looking to stray from the usual hugs and kisses of Valentines Day, this video will put you on the right path.