Locksmith Confronts Demons In 'F Love' Video

By Rob Markman

Love is hard, just ask West Coast MC Locksmith. For years the nimble wordsmith has poured his passion into his craft, but it all comes with a price. He’s latest video "F--- Love," which made its debut on MTV Jams on Thursday (February 14), isn’t the tender-hearted relationship ode rap fans would expect on Valentine’s Day. Instead he spills his guts in a horrific and eye-popping vid.

"Little lamb in a lion’s grip/ Trying to read what’s uttered from my mother’s dying lips/ Scared of going to sleep in fear of waking in violent fits/ F--- the industry and all its lying tricks," Lock spits over a sparse beat while seated at the edge of a child’s bed in a sterile white room.

LS spews more venom, growing increasingly frustrated in his bars as he opens a box, in which he finds a bloody heart encased in a glass jar. A ghostly looking child, grabs the jar from Lock and then passes it to another ghoul who marvels at the beating heart.

"And I don’t wanna try no more/ I don’t lie no more," he somberly sings on the hook, before proclaiming: "F--- Love."

Its clear that the grind weighs heavy on Lock, who fights with his girl over late-night, rap-related phone calls. "Every time I’m on the phone, she thinks it’s with another chick/ How can I explain that I’m just discussing another mix," he wonders out loud.

Unfortunately for Lock, things don’t get any better throughout the three-minute video. As the track beats on the fiendish ghost busts open the jar and rips into the symbolic heart until there is little-to-nothing left.

The fiery spitter seems on the verge of walking away, but his threats are empty. Its quite clear that Locksmith is in too deep to ever turn away. "These instrumentals are therapy/ I swear to God every new rapper need to be scared of me/ I swear to God ain’t a new rapper you can compare to me/ And all I really wanted was clarity," he spits, ending his final verse.

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