Lil Wayne's Human Being II Album Is 'Lyrically Insane'


By Maurice Bobb

When Young Money president Mack Maine talks, people listen. Good thing, too, because when Rap-Up TV caught up with him on the red carpet for the Cash Money pre-Grammy party, he had plenty of information to share about YMCMB’s most anticipated projects of 2013.

“You can expect some more greatness in 2013,” Maine told Rap-Up TV. “Wayne’s album, Drake’s album, Rich Gang album. Trying to work on the Young Money compilation. You can’t forget about the CMB part of YMCMB. Cash is working, Bow Wow’s working, Busta Rhymes’ working, we just trying to drop a million albums this year (laughs).”

After Tyga drops Hotel California, Lil Wayne will drop I Am Not a Human Being II on March 26. Maine, of course, has heard some of Weezy’s tracks and is excited. “Wayne being Wayne, it’s lyrically insane,” Maine said. “When he does I Am Not a Human Being, he actually taps into a different part of his brain where he just talks out of his mind and out of this world. Just expect him being Wayne, but more edgy, saying what he wants, a lot of fun, a lot of high energy.”

Tunechi’s cover art for the LP got mixed reviews, but Maine likes what Kanye West’s creative team DONDA was able to create.

“Kanye’s actually established himself as a designer,” Maine said. “Wayne wanted to work with him, you know, we don’t have a Kanye track on there, so we improvised and we got a cover from him. He did 2 Chainz’ cover (Based on a T.R.U. Story), and we liked 2 Chainz’ cover… Kanye’s great, he’s brilliant.”

As for the yet-unnamed Young Money compilation album, there’s still a long way to go. “I have no date yet,” Maine said. “We only have one song. I’m trying to get some dates where we can all lock in. At least get half of the album done in the studio instead of emailing all the songs.”