2 Chainz Goes Jet-Setting With The ‘2 Broke Girls’

By Jocelyn Vena

2 Chainz may not have gone home a winner after the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, but at least we know how he got there. The cape-loving rapper made his appearance on CBS’ “2 Broke Girls”  on Monday night, one night after the big event.

The episode features the bling-loving MC riding the friendly skies with the show’s two leading ladies. And, yes, his comedic skills were on full display during the episode. It follows the show’s two broke girls as they make their way from NYC to La La Land for the Grammy Awards.

In addition to gaining access to Caroline’s one-time private jet, they happen to share it with Tity Boi himself. Among the one-liners was the Grammy nominee asking for some Sleepytime (he wants to crash, not crash the plane), which Kat Denning’s character Max declared as “gangsta.” Indeed.

2 Chainz shot the episode back in January and MTV was on the set with him, where he explained how he got into character playing the TV version of 2 Chainz. "It was real hard, but I knew I could pull it off," he told "The Week In Jams." "Being 2 Chainz is a real hard task so what I had to do was wear 2 Chainz."

“TWIJ” also caught up with the girls, who had some rather warm words for his acting chops. "He went really method," Beth Behrs, who plays former rich girl Caroline on the show, explained to the rapper. "He's really funny. You got a gift for comedy. You're a good actor."

"You just telling me that? You pulling my chain," he asked Behrs. "Would we pull your chains, 2 Chainz?" Dennings laughed.