LL Cool J's Lip Licking At The Grammys? We Counted

Overdrive News Feature

By Chelsey Wilkins

LL Cool J has always been known for his swagger, charm and sex appeal. It seems he was able to use his favorable traits to convince CBS and Grammy producers to not only let him host this year’s show, but also to close the show with a live performance. Despite being a charismatic and gracious host though, there’s one thing we couldn’t help but notice-- LL Cool J sure does lick his lips a lot!

Did he forget his lip balm, or was he making a conscious effort to have all eyes fixated on those lips of his? After an official count, the rapper was caught on camera licking his lips a whopping 46 times. It’s safe to say that the “LL” in LL Cool J could actually stand for “Lip Licker." Either way, Sunday night proved that the Ladies still Love Cool J and his luscious lips.

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