Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Still Hanging With Will Smith In Brazil

By Heidi Huerta

Kanye West and his pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian have some company on their current trip to Brazil. Will Smith and actor Duane Martin have also been spotted in Rio with the expecting couple, with Will and Kanye spending some time in the studio before they all did some sightseeing together.

With carnival celebrations underway, the four celebrities seem to be enjoying  their time in the festive city, snapping shots along the way, also touring some of the city's shanty towns. While Will and Duane are in Brazil for the party that will run until Fat Tuesday, KimYe are reportedly considering purchasing a mansion in the country. As the Brazilians would say: Fala sério?

The couple have apparently made it clear that they are looking for real estate across the globe, considering L.A, New York, Miami and Paris and not counting their $11 million estate in Bel Air – is that all? But, according to TMZ after having such a wonderful time in the “lindo, maravilhoso” country they’ve taken into consideration just one more mansion in sunny Brazil.