Chris Brown And Rihanna Have Come A Long Way From '09 Grammys

By Henna Kathiya

A few years ago Grammys night took a treacherous turn for one couple in particular: Chris Brown and Rihanna. While some time has passed since that night, the public is still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that Rihanna and Chris are an item again. They were captured canoodling at the Grammy awards last night, looking happy with big smiles for the camera.

Rihanna was pretty clear in her interview with Rolling Stone that she didn’t really care what people thought about her public reconciliation with Brown. It’s pretty obvious from the Grammy night pictures that she is not making any apologies for her choices.

But apparently one person in particular isn't thrilled about Chris and Rihanna snuggling up again. Via Perez Hilton sources say that there is a growing wedge between once best friends Katy Perry and Rihanna as a result of RiRi’s relationship with Chris. According to an insider "Katy was always the one person who could really stand up to Rihanna. When it comes to Chris, Rihanna isn't willing to listen. Katy is still incredibly angry about what Chris did, and she doesn't believe he can change."

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Apparently Katy has also given Rihanna advice against dating Chris, but Rihanna, being Rihanna chose to do things her own way. "She has stuck her neck out for Rihanna, and so it really hurt when Rihanna ignored her advice. Katy told Rihanna that she couldn't stick around and watch someone she loves make such a big mistake, and that she had to walk away. They haven't spoken for months. Chris is like Rihanna's addiction and no one can talk any sense into her."

Despite everyone else's opinions, it seems like these two are in it for the long haul.