Grammy Performances: Frank Ocean, Bob Marley Tribute, Miguel & Wiz Khalifa, Jay-Z & Justin

Hip-Hop didn't make much of a showing at last night's Grammy Awards in terms of performances (not to mention that most of the rap categories were awarded before the show officially began) but some highlights included Frank Ocean's performance of "Forrest Gump" Miguel and Wiz Khalifa's interesting rendition of "Adorn," Jay-Z joining Justin, plus the Bob Marley tribute with Rihanna, Sting and Bruno Mars and the Marley sons.

Miguel and Wiz took it to the audience for their performance, with the Kaleidoscope Dream singer starting on the piano and strutting his stuff down the aisles while hitting his high notes. Wiz added his verse to the track, sporting a blazer sans shirt.

A couple weeks ago Frank Ocean was out in the California dessert shooting visuals for his track "Forrest Gump" and on Sunday night some of that footage accompanied his trippy performance of the track.

In honor of Bob Marley's birthday the Grammys gathered a seemingly random group to tribute the iconic singer, but at least everyone seemed to have a great time. Rihanna, Sting and Bruno Mars performed in his honor, with help from his sons Damian Marley and Ziggy Marley.

And let's not forget Jay-Z, who casually rose from his seat during Justin Timberlake's performance to accompany him on "Suit & Tie."