Nas Hasn't Won A Grammy, Despite 13 Nominations

Nas has been nominated for 13 Grammy Awards thus far in his career, and while it seemed like Sunday would be the night he finally took home a trophy, the Queensbridge rapper still walked away empty handed.

Nasir's critically acclaimed 10th LP Life is Good was nominated for Best Rap Album, while his single "Daughters" was up for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song, not to mention "Cherry Wine" (featuring Amy Winehouse) received a nod for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

Fans were rooting for the hip-hop poet to go home with a big win, but it just wasn't his night. Drake nabbed Best Rap Album with his sophomore LP Take Care, while The Throne cleaned up in most other rap categories. "If you look who's won over the course of his career, there was always something a little shinier, a little bit more friendlier," Nas' producer Salaam Remi told MTV News of his Grammy drought. "He wasn't the most commercial kid on the block, the most popular kid, but might've been the realest one."

Though there must be some disappointment for Nas, Salaam Remi maintains that their music is still winning. "It's not to get the Grammy stuff, but our vibe and mode even while recording the album was: We won already," he said. "It wasn't that we won the Grammy. We won still being positive and forward with life in the first place."