Jay-Z At Grammy Awards: 'Wrap It Up Music' Doesn't Apply To Hov

By Maurice Bobb

No one exudes cool quite like Jay-Z. From the way he sat dapper in a Tom Ford tuxedo next to Beyonce sipping cognac (D'USSE?), to the way he literally got out of his seat on cue to perform “Suit &Tie” with Justin Timberlake, Hov is the king of velvety cool and competition is none. Still, we were amazed to see that even Grammys 'wrap it up' music doesn't apply to him.

When JT hit the stage to perform the first single from his upcoming comeback album, The 20/20 Experience, fans were likely disappointed to see that Jay was still seated. But when the “SexyBack” singer got to the bridge of the song, where he invites Jigga to drop his opulent verse with the line, “Get out your seat, Hov,” the Roc Nation CEO did just that, seemingly floating to the stage from his seat while spitting his signature braggadocio.

Photo: Jay-Z Sips Cognac Directly From His Grammy Award

Not surprisingly, the Internet went nuts, with fans tweeting their approval.

“Jay-Z gets up out of his seat, raps with JT, sits back down, sips cognac, kisses Beyoncé. He must turn himself on. #grammys,” tweeted ?@MarkBHawkins. Another fan, @niralip added, “Jay Z literally walked out of his seat onto stage, sang his verse and walked back to his seat. #boss #GrammyAwards.”

As much of a moment as Jay getting out of his seat to perform was, he took things up another notch when he took the stage with Frank Ocean and The-Dream to accept the golden gramophone after winning Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for “No Church In The Wild.” After the Channel Orange singer and Mr. Terius Nash gave thanks, respectively, Hov literally made Grammy producers stop the “wrap it up” music to give thanks of his own by pointing to Dream’s hat and delivering the best shade line of the night, “I would like to thank the swap meet for his hat.”

In seconds, Jay was trending for his apparent power to stop the music and, of course, his ability to drop ethereal one-liners, with fans like @TheKeenanSystem tweeting, “Frank speaks, music is playing. Dream speaks, music gets louder. Jay-Z speaks, music ceases. #grammys.” Atlanta Hawks reporter Andre Aldridge (@AndreHoops) added this: “Definition of Power Couple: Beyonce stopped the Super Bowl. Jay-Z chilled the hurry-up-your-speech-get-off-the-stage music at the Grammys.”

But the best tweet came from the parody account, @slausonswapmeet, which took quick advantage of Jay’s epic Dream dis and even got a retweet from Def Jam with this comment” “Jay-Z shouted us out!”