Beyonce Reps Houston At Grammys (GIF)

Is there something we don't know about Queen B? Beyonce walked the Grammys red carpet on Sunday night turning heads in pants while everyone sported dresses, but then she blew our minds a little bit more (while seated next to Justin Timberlake). When host LL Cool J shouted her out for her Houston roots Bey flashed what looked like a gang sign at the camera, while really repping H-Town. Needless to say, some fans were a bit taken aback, while others were ready with the jokes about her initiation into the Illuminati.

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The 31-year-old singer is known to rep for her city, and even get a bit "ratchet" at times (mostly with her earrings though) but who knew she had it in her?

Twitter, take it away:

@IamChinyere Rihanna prolly got Beyonce in the gang life

@DalianAlyxander never too famous for a city reppin gang sign #rachet #houston

@AerobicDancer2 I'm trying to understand why Beyonce throws up gang signs. Is she going through initiation or something? #grammy

@pacer_X everybody a gang historian now cause beyonce threw her lil signs up

@PBnJo Beyonce out here throwing Gang Signs. Lol Rihanna out here like "BuhBuhBuhBuhBuh!!! *Club Siren*"

@CorporateBarbie Fox News gon' run a story tomorrow about Beyonce being a member of the bloods gang courtesy her husband's gangster influence.

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@itsJazzyFBaby I told y'all Mrs Carter was gone be Beyonce being hood. She just threw up a gang sign for Houston.

@SilentKoalaBear Did Beyonce just throw up the "Blood" gang sign? That ain't no Houston hand signal.

@VinnyGraham Beyonce throwin up gang signs.. I see u! lmao

@_iHateLexToo_ I think it's so unflattering for a woman to throw up gang signs *cough* Beyonce *cough*

@TyWalker40 Heard Beyonce was throwing up supposed gang signs. Saw a pic and it's def the Illuminati hand sign. Wake up.