Best Rap Album Grammy Awarded To Drake Before Show

Drake “Started From The Bottom,” made his way to the top, and finally picked up his first Grammy for Best Rap Album with Take Care at Sunday night’s awards, but of course, the honor was handed out before the 8p.m. broadcast officially began. We truly hope Kanye West never shows up again.

Hip-Hop’s relationship with the Grammy Awards has been a volatile one, with major nominees like Kanye West and Jay-Z opting out of attendance, due to what they feel has been a clear disrespect to the genre. “I am boycotting the Grammys because too many major rap artists continue to be overlooked,” Hov famously said back in 2002. “Rappers deserve more attention from the Grammy committee and from the whole world. If it's got a gun everybody knows about it; but if we go on a world tour, no one knows.”

Too bad nothing’s changed. While Jay is scheduled to attend tonight, Kanye West has made it abundantly clear that he’ll be nowhere to be found (for two years in a row) and can you blame him?

For hip-hop fans, Best Rap Album is one of the most notable categories of the night, with Nas, Lupe Fiasco and Rick Ross all in contention, but once again, the genre got no love. Rap wasn't well-represented in any of the other major categories like Album of the Year (where Frank Ocean is holding it down with Channel Orange). Hats off to Drake for picking up his first Grammy, but no love to the Recording Academy for sidelining the culture once again.

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