Nicki Minaj Keeps It Real With ‘American Idol’ Contestants

By Henna Kathiya

Nicki Minaj was definitely not Ms. Nice Barbz on last night’s “American Idol” which focused on Hollywood Week’s male singers. There was a change of pace this week on “Idol” with the elimination of several singers and Nicki kept it real doling out criticisms left and right.

Papa Peachez, hailing from Jackson, Mississippi was cut after giving a rendition of Laday Gaga’s “You and I.” Nicki told him that he “lost his way in the competition.” Even though she called him a superstar after his first audition Nicki did not mince words with him last night. "I'm pretty sure that flame is now completely burnt out. I'm so disappointed... I can't believe you've allowed this competition to suck that amazing quality out of you." Although she was harsh, she added, “I still love you.”

Paul Jolley, who performed first managed to belt out a decent rendition of Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away” but his initial stage fright didn’t impress the judges. "You walked out so defeated and that really irritated me," Nicki said. "Give us one minute of professionalism."

Micah Johnson was another fan favorite who was cut last night. His moving story about his vocals being affected during an accident was definitely a story that “Idol” fans clung to, but Nicki was not feeling it after his performance of Randy Travis’ “I Told You So.” “Sometimes things can go from being inspiring to becoming you wanting a pity party," Minaj told him. "Once you're great, we don't even notice your height. You don't have to milk that ever again, ever."

The one contestant that managed to win over Nicki’s critical heart yesterday was 17-year-old Charlie Askew after his performance of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know.” "Today you became an artist in my eyes. You have this quirky thing that is so odd that is right,” she told him.