Danny Brown Plays 'You Know You're From Detroit If...' On 'Week In Jams'

What are the top five ways to recognize someone from Detroit? Danny Brown appears on this week’s episode of MTV’s Week in Jams, and according to the Motor City rapper, an affinity for chilli fries and partying in parking lots is a dead giveaway.

Brown says you can likely pinpoint a Detroit native by their initial greeting, “Of course, our greeting would be ‘whatup doe?'” (although, in all fairness, that’s definitely spread to the coasts as well).

“And I guess you could tell somebody from Detroit if they really like chilli fries,” he added, then going on to give the best example. “I guess if a good time is just considered parking in the parking lot, opening up the doors and smoking and drinking right there instead of going to the club—that’s a sign of being from Detroit.”

One important thing to note though, 8 Mile and Detroit proper don't have much in common. "8 Mile is what separates Detroit from the suburbs, so people from 8 Mile are totally different than Detroit...it's the suburbs. Detroit ain't know nothing about hip-hop."

Tune into The Week In Jams at 11PM ET on MTV2, Sunday night.

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