During Chris Brown Fight, Homophobic Slur Directed At Frank Ocean

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The assault case between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean will soon be closed. A sheriff spokesman says investigators will speak with Frank before officially closing the case, but the they are unlikely to pursue battery charges against Chris. This comes on the heels of explosive news from TMZ that Frank says he was called a homophobic slur during the fight.

In official police documents, Frank claims he refused to shake Chris' hand in the parking lot of a L.A. recording studio and that's when Chris punched him in the face. Frank adds that two of Chris' friends jumped in to help Brown, and at some point, Frank believed he heard someone yell "F----t!" at him.

The two singers got into the physical altercation late last month. Frank Ocean was the first to address the fight, he tweeted shortly thereafter, "Got jumped by Chris and a couple guys. Lol. I only wish Everest was here." later adding, "Cut my finger now I can't play w/two hands at the Grammys."