Consequence Squares Off With Joe Budden, Fires Back At Pusha T

(Pusha T on Consequence's comments)

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Consequence is having plenty of drama aside from "Love & Hip Hop." Recently, the rapper threw more shots at Pusha T for a remark made on Twitter. "Confucius says if a man purchased the very teeth u have in your mouth, u should NEVER speak ill of that man..." Pusha originally tweeted in response to Consequence claiming that Kanye did him wrong.

"I would just think that Pusha T is busy waiting on a boat load of cocaine to be worried about what Confucius said," Cons now adds in an interview with Vlad TV. "It should be coming in about 3, right?"

For his part, Pusha maintains: "It's nothing really personal with me, at all. It's just that [Consequence] talks so loose. People don't ever talk to me like that, never. Never. People don't say those types of things to me. People don't do that to me."

In other Consequence beef, he was recently confronted by Joe Budden for comments made on "Love & Hip-Hop." "Raqi been out here running her f---ing mouth," Cons explains to Joe. "It's nothing or it's whatever." It's hard to hear exactly what Joe's response is, but it seems that the two are cool. "It's nothing. That's it," says Cons.

From last night's episode, viewers saw Raqi and Con's girl, Jen The Pen, going at it. The two auditioned for a radio show together but Jen found Raqi's on-air antics to be unprofessional and sleazy. The episode ended with Jen storming off and the two yelling at each other.