Drake Singing With Aaliyah + 3 Other Hologram Duets Inspired By Beyonce

By Alexis Tirado

Inspired by Beyonce’s holograms at her stunning Super Bowl performance, our friends at MTV Act dreamed up 4 other hologram performances that need to happen! They paired up Drake with his very own American Idol, Aaliyah, which makes perfect sense considering he has a tattoo of her, an Aaliyah earpiece and has penned a letter to her! 

And they even put together Justin Bieber with…Biggie. Yup, seems like an odd pairing but these two have more in common that you think. Would you ever pay to see a hologram concert? If you go to Bey’s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour there’s a chance holograms will be in the house. Check out the full story and real-looking hologram images on MTV Act.