'Love & Hip Hop' Ep 5: Jen And Raqi Brawl, Erica Mena Wows

Love & Hip Hop - Love and Hip Hop 3

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

On last night's episode of "Love & Hip Hop," Rich Dollaz is tired of the drama with his client/boo Erica Mena. He asks Yandy to sit down with her and see what's her problem. Erica opens up to Yandy that her hard exterior is just a defense mechanism after her past horrible relationship. Erica then (successfully) gets Rich to let her record, of all things, a ballad. When she puts down her vocals, Rich and Yandy are pleasantly surprised. "I'm not mad," says Yandy. Apparently, mediocrity apparently is enough this season.

Elsewhere in the studio, Tahiry reveals that she wrote her first song "Devil," inspired by her relationship with Joey. She wants Joe to help her kickstart her music career and plays the song for him. The rapper approves and wants to throw his own verse on to respond to the devilish allegations.

Yandy juggles challenges on the home front. Mendeecees finds out that Yandy has been secretly planning to move to New Jersey because of her mother. Mendy is tired of playing second fiddle to Yandy's momma and storms off. To make amends, Yandy shoots a "sexy" video for her man for his birthday, which is actually more humorous than sensual. "You got a lot of free time on your hands," says Mendy. Funny.

Jen and Raqi sit down with Hot 97's Program Director to talk about the all-girl radio show idea they've been working on. He's fine with them auditioning but warns Raqi not to flirt with the guests. Red flag. Jen starts worrying that maybe Raqi's reputation as an industry jump-off are true. These fears are confirmed during the actual audition when the duo interviews rapper Vado. "I'm ready to get in that ass!" says Raqi, batting her eyes. Raqi pours on the flirtation THICK with the slime rapper. Jen is shocked by her cohost's on-air antics and cuts her several side-eyes. So much for that "No Flirting Rule." "It's just entertainment," explains Raqi.

The women sit down after to discuss their horrible audition. "I'm fucking pissed," said Jen, who felt the audition was one-sided and an excuse for Raqi to get laid. Raqi fires back that she was the one that set up the audition in the first place and that by putting Jen on her show, she was reviving her career. The two share jabs about who is more irrelevant. "You're cold!' screams Raqi to Jen on her industry relevance. As Jen storms off, Raqi throws in the fact that Jen's man, Consequence, apparently tried to hit on her too and she has the texts and pics to prove it. Ice cold. Jen responds that she'll be famous before Raqi because she's white and has nothing to worry about. Alrighty, then.