Lord Jamar Is Mad At Kanye West's Kilt On Diss Track

Via Thomas Akira Nakasone's Vimeo/MTV Style

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Kanye West's infamous kilt, worn during his Watch the Throne and 12-12-12 shows has rubbed one rapper the wrong way. Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian has now released a homophobic diss track against Kanye.

On "Lift Up Your Skirt," Lord Jamar makes fun of Kanye's fashion choices. He calls it "queer s---." "He introduced skinny jeans to the rap scene and then he wore a f---ing skirt on the video screen. Then he wore it again at a memorial. I can't pretend, this s--- is deplorable," raps Jamar. "The music is good, but the ego is horrible," describes Jamar of Kanye. "Yes, let's not call this a DISS TRACK...it's a FACTS TRACK#LiftUpYourSkirt," he tweeted about the song.

A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Kanye West's Custom Givenchy Kilt via MTV Style

One person who did love Kanye's skirt was his girlfriend Kim Kardashian. "Awwwwwwww I'm so excited right now!!!!! He looks so cute!!" she tweeted after his 12-12-12 show. Others were also open to the bold statement. Fashion editor Mickey Boardman of Paper applauded the rapper for embodying a rock star image, tweeting, "I applaud Kanye for wearing a skirt over pants look. HELLO Rock stars are supposed to dress freaky, people! Get over it."

Another fan added, "Did people really go on a rampage about Kanye wearing a skirt last night? I thought it was quite tasteful"

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