Frank Ocean’s Producer Details Chris Brown Fight

By Henna Kathiya

When we first heard about the fight between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean it was unclear who threw the first punch. However, Frank Ocean’s music producer, Michael Uzowuru has cleared things up with a blog post detailing his account of the fight.

Via TMZ, Michael said the fight did initially start over a parking spot. Michael was with Frank and another guy named Chito. He said that when they arrived at the studio that day there was an orange Lamborghini parked in the spot that was labeled for Frank. They informed the front desk to move the car and found out that the car belonged to Chris Brown.

According to Uzowuru, Breezy came out ten minutes later with a "big dude" and a "skinnier dude" -- and when Frank told Chris, "You parked in my spot, move" is when things escalated. The bigger guy with Chris punched Chito after the exchange. "Then instantly Chris and the other dude grab [Frank] and try to jump him,” he wrote. "There's no doubt in my mind the whole thing was a set up. Chris’s other guy proceeded to tackle Frank and sent him into a “big fake candle display laced with glass," adding, "Hence ... his finger being cut."

Uzowuru said that Chris’ friend cornered Frank and pinned him up against the wall "while Chris was trying to beat the living "s---" out of [him]." Frank fought back, throwing elbow punches. Although it sounds like Chris was to blame from this account of the story, Frank Ocean has decided not to press charges. “I’LL CHOOSE SANITY. NO CRIMINAL CHARGES. NO CIVIL LAWSUIT. FORGIVENESS, ALBEIT DIFFICULT, IS WISDOM,” he posted on his Tumblr.

Michael ended his blog post with. “I don't know what type of demons Chris is facing, but I hope he clears them all and finds a new life rooted in love and light."