Jay-Z Congratulates Beyonce After Super Bowl Performance, Then Lights Out

via Instagram/Buzzfeed

By Victoria McCarthy

After a mind-blowing performance at Sunday’s (February 3) Super Bowl XLVII halftime show, Beyonce, who cemented her spot as one of the fiercest divas of all time, was greeted backstage with a warm embrace from music-mogul husband, Jay-Z. The two were captured smiling, hugging, likely overjoyed by Bey’s much anticipated and explosive performance.

Bey, strutting her stuff like a true diva, emerged on stage in a leather and lace number that could only be described as bootylicious, opening the show with a medley of her greatest singles including “ Love On Top," “ Crazy in Love" and “ Baby Boy." Miss Sasha Fierce was then joined, as many had speculated, by former Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for a long awaited reunion. The three whipped out some old favorites that won America’s heart over a decade ago, including “ Bootylicious”, and “ Independent Woman.”

Kelly and Michelle stayed on stage, providing backup vocals to Bey’s goose-bump inducing rendition of “ Halo," an appropriate prelude to the loving embrace she would share with her hubby moments later. And then, as if on cue, the lights in NoLa went out, clearly a result of what one Facebook user referred to as “ Hurricane Fierce." Like wise the Twitterverse was a buzz, with #BeyonceBowl instantaneously trending.

Jay-Z chimed in on twitter with the best comment though, writing, “ Lights Out!!! Any Questions???”