Destiny's Child Reunites With 'Single Ladies' At Super Bowl Halftime Show

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

After weeks of speculation, Destiny's Child reunited tonight during the Super Bowl Halftime Show. In the middle of Beyonce's high-wattage set, she stopped to bring out her girls Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for their sexy hit "Bootylicious" and "Independent Women." In an unusual twist, Beyonce then asked her friends to help her out with parts of her solo song "Single Ladies."

Fans were happy to see the trio reunited after all these years. "But goodness. Destiny's Child. Nothing has changed. YAAASSS!!!," "Chills all over my body. Destiny's Child on fiyah!"and "Michelle looked FLAWLESS. Kelly looked FLAWLESS. Destiny'sChild had to REMIND YALL EXACTLY WHY THEY ARE THE BEST GIRL GROUP OF ALL TIME" tweeted fans. "Beyonce just taught about friendship. Y'all missed it! When u get to the top, don't forget the people who supported you. Destiny's Child," added another.

Some joked, comparing Beyonce to the other members. "The other two ladies in Destiny's Child just got a whole lot of free publicity," said a commentator on Twitter while others threw in "Notice how the 2 Destiny's Child girl's microphones weren't as loud as Beyonce's????" and "Destiny's Child should thank Beyonce for being in her presence." Some likened Kelly and Michelle to Beyonce's backup, as one fan put it, "Wow, Beyonce made Destiny's Child her backup dancers for Single Ladies. Game, set, match: B."