Kanye West Dons A Straitjacket For Abu Dhabi Concert

By Henna Kathiya

Kanye West never fails to disappoint when it comes to his out-there outfits and his classic 'Ye rants, and he delivered both at a concert in Abu Dhabi this week. Kanye donned his staple ski mask with a new addition. This time he paired the ski mask with a “straitjacket," or straight jacket as you might know it. 

It’s definitely not the first time an artist has donned a straight jacket, but the fact the Kanye chose to wear one is a clever way of addressing the public chatter about him being “crazy.” He did address this during one of his concerts in Atlantic City (where he also announced Kim was his "baby mama:"). He told the crowd he wasn’t crazy as much as he was “not satisfied.” Not to mention he was also wearing another bedazzled ski mask during this performance. Ye seriously can’t seem to get enough of his ski masks.

It’s not surprising that Kanye wore yet another outlandish outfit. Let us not forget the infamous Givenchy skirt or kilt rather, that he wore for the Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert. It’s also not just concerts where Yeezy breaks into his vault of wacky clothing; he even wears his crazy red ski mask going to dinner with Kim in Paris.

Although Kanye seems pretty content in his own love life, he took to the stage asking, “where did all the lovers go?” He went on to rant about the troubles of love and trying to get that one special girl. “This song is dedicated to when your best girl be on some fake s---," he said. “You about to call somebody you ain’t called in a while….you got 100 other girls that you can call. You keep it cool like you got something to do like. It ain’t about you like, like she the one you like cause if that was the case you would have never broke up."