Lil B And Joey BadA$$ Trade Disses Over Capital STEEZ Verse

Lil B and Joey BadA$$ are throwing some darts at on each other on a pair of new tracks. Lil B fanned the flame with his diss "I'm The Bad A$$", which seems to be in response to a verse from the late Capital STEEZ on "Survival Tactics." If that's the case, we have to wonder why Lil B felt that it still made sense to release this track.

The line that Lil B took issue with was this one: “They say hard work pays off, well tell the based god don't quit his day job" and on his retort, he begins with this: "These n---s think they're bad asses now, huh?"

The shots clearly irritated Joey BadA$$ who had plenty to say on Twitter before he decided to just go ahead and release his rebuttal. "Don't let me ether this n----a yo!! Truthfully basedgod, your not worth the time.. Im glad eye was tho.. Keep bangin," he wrote. "A lil offended that he didnt go harder than that. Im about to blaze to this s---, cant believe the basedgod dedicated his appreciation for me on a song! So amped. If i was to diss this n----a im gettin DMX on the hook, game on the adlibs, joe budden verse 2 and the n---a who knocked him out to record it."

When that was said and done, he picked up where Cap STEEZ left off, with the diss track "Don't Quit Ya  Day Job."