Chris Brown Ready To Share Frank Ocean Fight Details With Police

Chris Brown’s only public commentary since his brawl with Frank Ocean has been through intense art on his Instagram account, but with Frank Ocean looking to press charges against him, the latest news is that Brown is finally ready to talk to the cops.

Late on Monday TMZ reported that Brown’s attorney Mark Geragos has been in touch with Los Angeles police, telling them that the singer was "ready, willing and able" to share his version of the events that took place on Sunday night.

The unnamed sources cited by TMZ claim that Brown’s camp have video footage of the fight, apparently showing that he didn’t throw any punches in the fight, when the scuffle broke out between their respect entourages. To note, though, is that the video footage only includes part of the fight, not showing the portion that spilled out of the lobby into the parking lot.

Frank Ocean has told Los Angeles police that he "is desirous of prosecution in this incident" after being the first one to publicly share information on the incident. "Got jumped by Chris and a couple guys. Lol. I only wish Everest was here," he tweeted, later adding, "Cut my finger now I can't play w/two hands at the Grammys."

The two singers first butted heads back in 2011 when this tweet from Chris Brown really irritated Ocean: “I f--- with Frank Ocean! Reminds me of a young James Fauntleroy or Kevin Cossum."