'Love & Hip Hop' Ep 4: Joe Budden Gets Drug Tested, Rich And Erica Throwdown

Love & Hip Hop - Love and Hip Hop 3

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Last night's episode of 'Love & Hip Hop' revolved around family issues. Jen and Consequence are facing challenges, trying to balance raising their son in a bi-religious household. Cons wants their son and Jen to practice Islam while Jen wants to retain some of her Christian beliefs. The new parents visit Cons' religious leader who advises them to get married and learn to compromise. Jen, outfitted in a hijab, is optimistic but Cons doesn't really seem into it.

Yandy and Mendeecees go through a heart-wrenching visit to the doctor when they find out that their newborn is facing kidney issues and needs surgery. The two wait anxiously to find out the results of the operation and Mendy shows Yandy how supportive he can be. Once their little one's operation is a success, Mendy brings up the topic of having more kids to which Yandy quickly pumps his brakes. She wants a ring, a house and then another kid.

The professional family of Rich, Olivia and Erica Mena continues to disintegrate. Olivia flatly puts her foot down that she's not dealing with Rich's side piece/other client. "She don't know no better, Liv!" says Rich, trying to explain Erica's brash behavior. Rich then puts Liv in her place and says that people find her to be cocky and arrogant. Erica finally crosses the line with Rich when she runs her mouth with a potential producer, who ends up not wanting to work with her afterwards. Rich and Erica have one of their usual lovers' quarrels in the studio and she storms out. Rich chases her and stops her in the street. "What can we do to move forward?" screams Rich. "You don't owe me nothing!" says Erica. "Enjoy your career," responds Rich. Trouble in paradise?

The most redeeming of all relationships seems to be the one between Joe Budden and his ex Tahiry. Tahiry promises to stay by Joe's side, although he refuses to go to therapy for his drug addiction because he claims he's clean. Tahiry and Raqi have another run-in at a nightclub (small world) but Tahiry keeps it moving. She finally runs up on Joe with a home drug test and forces him to take it. Surprisingly, Joe passes it with flying colors. Tahiry is shocked. "I couldn't believe it...It actually did not occur to me that I could trust what Joe Budden said. He didn't lie to me." The seemingly sober Joey then asks Tahiry to cook for him. Where is Kaylin?! No one knows...