Prodigy Drops New Single 'Give Em Hell'

Rob Markman

Prodigy has proven himself to be a rap genius and on his upcoming project Albert Einstein, the H.N.I.C. will show once again why he is one of the game’s most Infamous MCs. Now if the album’s first single “Give Em Hell” is any indication looks like Pee has another banger on his hands.

RapFix got the go-ahead to premiere the Alchemist-produced single on Monday (January 28) and it has been well worth the wait. “Global state of mind, I’m seeing way beyond my nose/ Ten years from now, I’ll still be around, spittin’ my flows,” Prodigy boasts with his opening bars over a swirling soul selection.

Credit Pee with never folding to rap trends. When he broke-out as one half of Mobb Deep with 1995’s The Infamous complex flows and gritty street raps was his calling card and even when Prodigy struck out on his own with 2000’s H.N.I.C. he stuck to the same script, while his rap counterparts traded their fatigues for more clean-cut imagery. On “Give Em Hell” the Queens-bred MC delivers more of the same. “Oh yeah, they wanna turn on me? Give em hell/ They wanna stretch me out in the street? Give em hell,” he spits on the track’s hook before urging Satan to throw some heat rocks up in his honor.

For the second verse, Prodigy gets playful with his flow. “Ay yo, they know, they know/ I blow a n---a away like tornados,” he raps before impressively stretching that same rhyme scheme out for half of the verse.

The subject of Prodigy’s rap aggression is unnamed though. Throughout his career he has had a number of adversaries from Jay-Z to Keith Murray and now there has been much speculation on his relationship with his Mobb Deep partner Havoc. “It’s beyond repair, I’m so beyond fair/ Sh-- is childish, do what you must n---as beware,” Prodigy spits ambiguously.

While his target remains a mystery, Prodigy’s status in rap doesn’t. Right now he’s just adding on to an illustrious legacy.