Beyonce On Lip-Synch Controversy: 'Can I Live?'

So, we can't say for sure that Beyonce's photo (above) was directed at all of the people who have been criticizing her for reportedly lip-synching "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the Presidential Inauguration, but it really wouldn't be a stretch to assume that either. Bey has been in New Orleans practicing for her upcoming Super Bowl performance and this weekend she Instagrammed a photo of herself in a sweatshirt, with the text: "Can I Live?"

Extra credit since the infamous line originates from her husband Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt album. And, of course, she was rocking a Brooklyn Nets hat to top it off.

Celebrities like Ne-Yo have defended Bey in the days following the lip-synch controversy. “I didn't see the inauguration so I can't comment on her performance, but I will say that people can be so judgmental on anything an artist does, so of course Beyonce will be no exception to that rule," he told MTV News. "People are always going to be making comments, everybody is a damn expert at everything. You know what that woman is capable of, you know what she can do, so whether she's singing live or lip synching, whatever the case may be, just enjoy the damn music and shut up.”

Bey will certainly silence all of her naysayers with her upcoming Super Bowl performance, where she's rumored to reunite with Destiny's Child.