50 Cent Says MMG Chain In 'Major Distribution' Video Is 'Unexpected'

By Maurice Bobb with reporting by Rob Markman

Diamond-encrusted piece and chains are staples in hip-hop music videos, but when a signature MMG piece and chain, seemingly from Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group camp, appears in his rival 50 Cent’s “Major Distribution” video, well, that’s highly unorthodox. Not surprisingly, everyone who’s seen the young man rockin’ the jewelry in question in 50’s latest visuals immediately assumed it was Gunplay’s missing MMG chain. That’s apparently not the case, though, according to the Street King Immortal MC.

"It came from a jeweler. Jewelers, they made it. Yeah, we got it and ended up putting it in the video," Fif told MTV News Thursday. "That's what rappers do: Rappers put jewelry in videos."

A master tactician and marketing genius, 50 knew the MMG chain’s placement in the clip would ruffle feathers and catch everyone’s attention. "I thought it would be unexpected, like when you see A$AP with a Death Row hat on. It's cool, it's interesting. You look and say, 'Wait, something is out of place,' " 50 said, referencing A$AP Rocky's Long.Live.A$AP music video, in which he sports a Death Row hat despite having no ties to the label.

When pressed about the possibility of the chain being Gun’s property, Fif laughed, citing that one shouldn’t believe everything one hears in the blogs and tweets. "Rumors today, you can't believe everything you hear on the Internet," he said. "It's crazy."

Elsewhere in the video, the G-Unit general can be seen flaunting his own iced-out Street King medallion, reciting his signature street-laced rhymes in the pocket with long-time collaborator Snoop Lion and first-time collaborator Young Jeezy. "Jeezy, that was overdue. Me and Snoop had a relationship since '03," 50 Cent said. "Having him work on this project, it just fit. Perfect timing."

The "I Get Money" MC recently revealed that his fifth solo LP’s release date was pushed back and is now slated for a spring release due to changes at Interscope Records. "Actually it's the system," he said. "It's a lot of adjustments being made there, obviously Christmas I think 35 people got let go."