Rohan Marley Believes Bob Marley Would Support Snoop Lion

(Snoop Dogg's reggae career baffled Dr. Dre)

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Snoop Dogg's Rastafarian alter ego, Snoop Lion, has a huge supporter in Rohan Marley, Bob Marley's son (and Lauryn Hill's baby daddy), Rohan shares that he loves Snoop's foray into reggae and so would his father, telling TMZ, "Our father's name should not even be mentioned in this issue because like a true Rasta, he would have embraced Snoop's reincarnation and welcomed the positivity."

Snoop Dogg's Reggae Career Baffled Dr. Dre

This comes on the heels of news that reggae legend Bunny Wailer (Original member of Bob Marley and The Wailers) and others were outraged that Snoop was co-opting Rastafarian culture just to promote his album Reincarnated. Rohan asks, "Why condemn a man for his love of Rastafari and Bob Marley?" "We have been cool with Snoop before his transformation and he will continue to have our blessings and support."

Snoop flipped his style last summer with the release of "La La La" produced by Major Lazer/Diplo. His album and documentary Reincarnated was based on a reggae awakening Snoop had on a visit to Jamaica. The rapper said that he received support from Bob Marley's family before proceeding with his transformation.