Nicki Minaj Storms Off 'American Idol' Set After Fight With Judges, Fans Weigh In

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

After months of speculation and gossip, fans of "American Idol" finally saw the fight that caused Nick Minaj to walk off set on Wednesday night's (January 23) episode. In North Carolina, tensions ran high the entire day with snide remarks being thrown subtly. Finally, when singer Summer auditioned all things came to a head.

Summer wasn't sure what genre she was most comfortable in and told judges she was done with Country, which understandably offended Keith Urban. Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson supposed Urban and encouraged Summer to stick with Country since her voice was suited for it. Nicki was not feeling it. "I really like you. I think your voice was really really pretty," said Nicki. Nicki then accused Mariah and Randy of talking trash about everyone in Pop music and then stormed off the set, canceling auditions for the rest of the day.

Fans were divided on the fall out. Nicki supporters backed up her standing up for the contestant. "Nicki was speaking the truth though. IDK why they ganged up on her, smh" tweeted one while another added, "So I'm watching American Idol and honestly, I think Nicki Minaj is right..."

Others weren't feeling Nicki's diva attitude (or any of the judges in general). "Hey Judges, this isn't about you.... It's about the singers. Get over yourself and stop fighting, it's annoying," tweeted a fan and "I feel like the producers of American idol are making the show more about the judges than the contestants this year #sad".

Judging continued the next day, with the seating configuration moved around. Mariah and Nicki were not seated next to each other.