Beyonce's Lip-Synching Hasn't Actually Upset Her Fans

So, Beyonce lip-synched "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the Presidential Inauguration on Monday and now the public can't seem to get over it. Or can they? Truth be told, Beyonce's fans and the general public don't seem too upset by news that Bey sang-a-long to a backing track she'd recording earlier. On the other hand, every morning show in America continues to dedicate time to re-examining the topic, while most others seem ready to move on. See some reactions below.

Whitney Houston’s rendition of the national anthem (regarded as the greatest we’ve ever heard from her) in 1991 was also lip-synched, and somehow we've managed to move past that.

From Twitter:

@drinlow: Who cares whether Beyonce lip-synced at the inauguration. It was her voice and it was beautiful. Move on folks.


@getJOYnurlyfe Who cares if Beyonce didn't sing live

@geclauser I don't care if Beyonce was lip-syncing as long as it was in 192kHz

@sunnynites3 Seriously, who cares if Beyoncé lip synced at the inauguration!? Move on to REAL topics people! Sheesh....

@JaredLogan Disappointed that Beyoncé was lip-syncing. How hard is it to sing outdoors for a million people in the middle of January??

@BriannaKhris_11 my gosh leave beyonce alone that girl cant win for lose it was not a beyonce concert it was pres.Obamas inauguration leave queen bey alone.

@Baddieeri Omg are we still talking about beyonce at the inauguration though wtf it's Wednesday get over it lol ijs

@CraziBeautiful_ I can't believe this whole "did Beyonce lip-sing" thing is on every talk show

@Sashas_Other And I'm sorry for you grown ass men who wake up early just to talk crap about Beyonce. So sorry

@Snook_Nva_Chiln But it was still Beyonce voice at the end of the day tho

@SadeChanel Why are people making a big deal about beyonce lip syncing?! Da f--- cares!