Beyonce's Lip-Synch Controversy Continues As She Launches Beyhive Blog

By Henna Kathiya

Beyonce is an unstoppable force this year. After stunning the nation with her beautiful rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Presidential Inauguration (then dealing with fallout after news broke that she lip-synched it) the singer went ahead and launched a new blog that requires users to sign up.

Signing up for her site is free and allows fan into the vault of things all Beyonce. The aptly titled “Beyhive Blog” includes all things from what the Grammy-award winning artist is “reading, doing, loving, wearing and hearing.” Bey provides hot links to the clothes and books and songs that she is currently rocking. She also has a section called “Bey Inspired” where she lists inspiring individuals from the past and present. These individuals range from the likes of President Obama to Michael Jackson.

Bey even shows off her stylist Ty Hunter, giving him some love in his own section on her site to showcase his work. She also has two areas dedicated to her fans, with one section showcasing their work--portraits of Queen B herself. There is also another section allowing fans to talk with each other.

Besides having a site that’s all Beyonce, fans can even subscribe to the Beyhive Newsletter, which gives them first access to special announcements, exclusive concert details, pre-sale tickets and more.

Fans can get their fill of Beyonce with this blog while they wait for her Super Bowl performance as well as the debut of her HBO Special "Life Is But A Dream."

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