'Love & Hip Hop' Recap: Tahiry Goes Back To Joe Budden, Erica & Olivia Lose It

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Monday night's (January 21) episode of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop" was full of business and personal turmoil. In the wake of her club freak out, Erica Mena sits down with L'orel to hash out what happened. The conversation quickly becomes an argument and L'orel dismisses Erica. "You're not part of my team," she says. The always-delusional Erica fires back that she's making L'orel hot. L'orel then angrily walks away.

Cons and Jen open up that they've been fighting over religion. Cons shares that he's been practicing Islam for over a decade and that he and Jen have agreed to raise their son as a Muslim. Jen isn't "all the way" down to become a Muslim, given her Protestant upbringing, and the two argue about holidays like Ramadan. Cons hopes that Jen one day sees the light and converts but it's clear these two have a long way to go.

Yandy and Mendeecees seem to be enjoying family life. Mendeecees admits that he has a reputation as a player but he's given it up for Yandy. The couple debate where they should move given their new family. Mendy doesn't like Yandy's momma living with them. Yandy isn't sure if her man is stable and ready to become a family man, especially since he "liked" some inappropriate pics on Instagram. Yandy saw it and then chucked an iPad at her baby daddy causing a scar.

Joe Budden has his own issues. He first runs up on Raqi Thunda to apologize for their previous fights. "Maybe I handled it a bit abruptly," Joe says to explain the way he kicked his best friend out of his pool party. Raqi isn't feeling it and puts an end to their friendship. In other Joe drama, Tahiry and Joe's mom get together to talk about the rapper's issues. Joe's mother reveals that he's back on drugs and they need to support him. Tahiry and Joe's mom confront the rapper and he apologizes for ever hurting his ex. "Tahiry I was young, I was high, I was immature," Joe explains for how he treated Tahiry. She doesn't want to, but Tahiry is being pulled right back into Joe's issues.

Consequence and Rich Dollaz talk about Cons doing a song with Olivia. Rich throws in his other client/smash buddy Erica Mena into the fold but Olivia isn't too happy. Rich and Erica argue about the song and then Rich and Olivia argue about the song. Liv refuses to do an Erica Mena collabo because she thinks it will affect her brand. Finally, Olivia and Erica have a confrontation. The record aside, Erica has issues because Olivia because she thinks Olivia is down with Rich's enemy Somaya Reece. "Loyalty is 24 hours a day," barks Erica. The argument goes nowhere fast and Erica walks out of the event with nothing resolved.