Rockie Fresh Breaks Down 'Electric Highway' Tracks For Mixtape Daily

By Rob Markman, with reporting by Ade Mangum

After some hearty build-up, Chicago MC Rockie Fresh has finally delivered his Maybach Music mixtape debut Electric Highway on Monday (January 21).

The 17-track ride boasts features from Rick Ross, Curren$y and Nipsey Hussle, while the Gift, Boi-1Da, Big Jerm and Sayez chip in on the production side. Fans are surely busy downloading and digesting Electric Highway, but MTV’s Mixtape Daily went ahead and caught up with Rockie Fresh so he could break down some key tracks from his latest. Drive slow homey!

» "The Future " - "It's the intro on the mixtape and it just really sets the tone for the vibe that Electric Highway is, so I really wanted to give people that first so they can really understand what's goin' on, and then after that it's time to ride out."

» "Superman OG" - " 'Superman OG' is actually one of the singles that I released. It's just a record with me rappin' over the beat, no hook. Just goin' straight in."

» "Life Long" feat. Rick Ross and Nipsey Hussle - "I hear a lot of songs where it's promoting people to die young and all of that. In the city where I'm from, that happens a lot and a lot of kids don't get to see their dreams, don't get to experience a lot of things that they should in a lifetime. So for me, I really wanted to make a song that motivated people to want to live long and try to be in the game for a minute and achieve some things."

What’s your favorite track off of Rockie Fresh’s Electric Highway? Lis them in the comments!