Wiz Khalifa Turns Up In '100 Bottles' Video

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

All of his friends are on that Bombay and lemonade... Wiz Khalifa gets turned up in his new visual for "100 Bottles" from his Cabin Fever 2 mixtape.

"All the bottles we popping, probably won't even finish it," Wiz sings. Outfitted in a spiked out leather jacket, with requisite blunt and Bombay Sapphire gin in hand, Wiz and his Taylor Gang crew are clearly enjoying themselves.

When Cabin Fever 2 dropped back in October, Wiz shared some thoughts, which succinctly describe the video, too.

"This tape is for you guys to get totally fucked up to and have some theme music to sing until the album comes out," he wrote on Twitter Tuesday (October 16). "Perfect for smokeouts, pregames, afterparties, ratchet parties, birthday parties, highrides, weednaps, snacc runs, hood clubs, nice bars etc. Smokin drinkin smokin drinkin smokin drinkin smokin drinkin #CabinFever2." He then thanked DJ holiday for hosting the tape, before adding, "This is how mixtapes are supposed to sound #CabinFever2"