Fans React On Twitter To Chief Keef’s Sentencing

By Henna Kathiya

Looks like Chief Keef is taking a break from rap, for 60 days at least. The Chicago rapper was sentenced to 60 days in juvenile detention for probation violation. Keef was given this sentence after a judge ruled that appearing in a promotional video at a gun range showed “willful disregard” for his probation. The Twitterverse was buzzing once the news broke, check out some fan reactions below.

@Katt__Williams wrote, “Chief Keef locked up? He better hope they dont 'love sosa' in jail.”

@_King_Of_Miami_ wrote, “People forget that Chief Keef is still a lil baby. Young black dude with success but just got caught up in the mix. Hope he end up good.”

@DeLayeD85 wrote, “Not taking up for nobody but snoop Dogg cried when he was on trial too and he was around chief keef age.”

@JEverton34 wrote, “I'll miss Chief Keef. He put into words emotions I couldn't express.”

@Pinkblvd_wrote, “Since he locked up I guess I'll start claiming him... Free my baby Chief Keef! Lmao”

@shxt_Random wrote, “Chief keef cried for going to 60days of juvenile... nd he suppose to be a gangster.”

Although there were mixed feelings on Twitter towards Keef’s jail time, Chief Keef supporter Waka Flocka put it best. “That Chief Keef situation; that just showed me how people can just disrespect you and accept you at the same time. That's a kid at the end of the day. I feel like that's me when I first started rapping, people judged me," Waka told MTV News. "It's just that they judge you because they don't understand you. Instead of judging the kid and just bashing him down, why not reach an arm out and help him."