A Health Scare Inspires DJ Khaled's New Album: 'Suffering From Success'

By Rob Markman

There may be bigger DJs on the radio, or larger DJs in the club, but when it comes to crafting hip-hop albums, there is no DJ more successful than DJ Khaled. All he does is win, but sometimes that victory comes with a price; that’s why the boisterous hitmaker has decided his next studio LP Suffering From Success.

On Thursday, the “I’m On One” disc jock released a suspense-filled viral video where he revealed the album title and explained to MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway how he came upon the name.

“I noticed on my beard... a big bald spot and it just kept getting bigger and bigger,” Khaled began to explain of his 2012 health scare.

Reluctantly the DJ went to the doctor, who diagnosed him with a condition which he forgot the name. After she gave him a prescription, the doctor put her hand on Khaled’s broad shoulder and said: “Son you’re suffering from success.”

“It opened my mind up to say success comes with stress and happiness,” he explained of his unlikely inspiration. “So when I’m walking down, leaving the doctor’s office, driving home, I was like, ‘That’s gonna be the name of my new album: Suffering From Success.”

There’s no telling who Khaled will line up for the upcoming LP, but based off of his track record it is sure to be a star-studded affair. Though nothing is confirmed fans should expect appearances from his buddies Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Kanye West, who has contributed to a number of Khaled’s previous works.

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