Would You Rate Nas' 'Life is Good' A Classic? [Poll]

By Rob Markman, with reporting by Rebecca Thomas

Nas knows a thing or two about crafting rap classics. The hip-hop icon’s 1994 debut album Illmatic remains one of rap’s most revered albums. In certain circles, his 1996 follow up It Was Written as well as Nas’ 2001 masterpiece Stillmatic are also consider crucial works and often are treated with comparable regard. So what about God Son’s latest Life is Good? The verdict is still out.

"Time tells — a lot of the time it has to do with time," he told MTV News on Tuesday. "It's cool, you can call my record a classic; I'm not tripping. Time will really make me feel it or not, and then if a year from now, another two years from now, I really feel like it's a classic and no one else does, I'm gonna make noise! I'm gonna complain!"

On Life is Good, which dropped in July, the usually private Nas opened up like never before letting listeners in on his martial troubles and eventual divorce from R&B star Kelis. Still the Queensbridge MC didn’t stop there. The 39-year old conjured 1990s nostalgia on “The Don” and “Loco-Motive,” proved he could hang with rap’s newer on royalty on “Accident Murderers” with Rick Ross and stressed the importance of fatherhood on “Daughters.”

But was it enough for Life is Good to be considered classic?

"If it's not a classic, that's cool," he said. "That means there's a different title for it that is a different meaning for the record. It wasn't a worldwide classic or a nationwide classic or a 'hood classic but it ... was important and it was incredible. You don't have to always be classic: You can be incredible, you can be meaningful or needed.

"You can be a much-needed album, you know what I mean?"

How would you rate Nas’ Life is Good? Let us know in the comments!

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