Lil Wayne Is "Staring at the World" On New Song

By Georgette Pierre

Lil Wayne is in full album promotion mode for I Am Not a Human Being II. He's already released "No Worries", "Rich As F***" featuring 2 Chainz, and "B****es Love Me" with Drake gracing the hook. His newest single, "Staring at the World" finds Tunechi back on auto-tune with his usual myriad of larger than life punchlines at best. But don't think for one second that Wayne cares what you think of him, auto-tune, outfits, or not. It hasn't been confirmed if this single will make the album cut.

Wayne is also preparing to hit the road on a 15-date European tour with Mac Miller and 2 Chainz kicking off in March.

Back in November, he spoke with MTV News about his relationship with 2 Chainz. "I knew Chainz so long, before I knew he was rapping," Wayne told MTV News Sway Calloway after premiering his "No Worries" video. "When he came with his song, I gave him that 'Duffle Bag Boy' hook, and history from there," Weezy explained of their first 2007 collaboration back when 2 Chainz was a part of the group Playaz Circle.

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