ScaffBeezy Drops 'Mic Check' Video

By Maurice Bobb

It was only a matter of time before ScaffBeezy, Nicki Minaj’s right-hand man, stepped from behind her massive musical shadow to flex his own skills on the mic. While Minaj is out cashing fat “American Idol” checks, her co-producer for Pink Friday is releasing music and dropping visuals. First up is the new video for the Traq House-produced “Mic Check,” which will be featured on his upcoming mixtape, VS Clarity: Volume One Brooklyn.

Right out of the gate, SB, better known as Sarafee to Barbz worldwide, can be seen in all red, flipping in a red Bentley and peeling out in a three-wheeler in a completely abandoned side of town, while spitting copious amounts of braggadocios lyrics about his money, cars and sneaks. The Rich Gang MC does manage to weave in and out of the beat like a veteran and the beat is catchy. Only time will tell, though, if he’ll make the same kind of noise in the game as the multi-platinum empress of Young Money.

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