Chief Keef's Probation Violation, The Latest In A String Of Legal Woes

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

On Tuesday, rapper Chief Keef was taken into police custody after a judge found Keef guilty of probation violation.

This is the most recent in Keef's ongoing legal woes, but how did the rookie rap get here, RapFix takes a look back.

December 4, 2011: Chief Keef was arrested and put under house arrest after gunshots were fired from a Blue Pontiac Grand Prix in Chicago. When police arrived at the scene, a suspect allegedly pointed a gun at them. The officers fired a shot back. Two young men, including Chief Keef, were apprehended. Keef was arrested and charged with aggravated UUW, or unlawful use of a weapon. He was released to his grandmother's apartment for 30 days under house arrest, followed by another 30 days of home confinement. Keef was put on 18 months probation around this arrest.

June 2012: Chief Keef appeared in an interview with Pitchfork toting a gun at a gun range. His possession of a weapon was in direct violation with his earlier arrest and probation order that that stipulates he must not have any guns or illegal drugs or associate with gang members.

Dec 19, 2012: Following his debut Finally Rich, Keef's probation hearing stemming from the Pitchfork interview incident was delayed.

Jan 2, 2013: Keef was originally charged with probation violation after changing addresses and not informing his Probation Officer. According to the Chicago Sun Times, "He didn’t tell his juvenile probation officer about his change of address" and was ordered back to court.

Jan 3, 2013: The rapper was no longer facing jail time for the unauthorized move after a Cook County judge ruled that he had not been presented with “any credible evidence” that the 17-year-old rapper had moved to  Northbrook, Illinois. “Why they got a problem with my address," he exclaimed on his way out of the courthouse.

Jan 15, 2013: A Chicago judge ruled that the “I Don’t Like” rapper violated his probation by handling a firearm during his filmed Pitchfork interview. He will face sentencing on January 17.

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