A$AP Rocky's Chilling Now, But Could Still Hand Out A Lot Of Ass Whippings

By Maurice Bobb with reporting by Nadeska Alexis

A$AP Rocky may have a f-ckin’ problem loving bad b-tches, but rappers beware, because he’ll have a f-ckin’ problem with you, too, if you keep talking that sh-t.

"When's the last time you heard about me having a fight?" he asked MTV News. "[It's been] a long time. When's the last time you heard about me getting into trouble and drama? It's been awhile, but I guess that's why everyone's choosing to talk the most sh-- now, because they see I'm chilling. But they better hope one day I don't just wake up one day on some, 'I don't give a sh-- about this music' sh-- because I'ma hand out a lot of ass whippings."

As the “Peso” MC looks back at his journey from his critically-acclaimed mixtape, Live.Love.A$AP, to his debut opus, Long.Live.A$AP, in stores today, he reflected on how he decided to grow up as a man and stop getting in melees on stage and in the streets.

"As soon as I turned 24 I said, 'I gotta stop acting 18' — on the real, I gotta stop having fights, pissing in public, spitting, and I just gotta chill," he said. "I gotta act like an adult for once and I had to change."

The 24-year old Harlemite also brought his new level of maturity to his much-anticipated first solo project, a 12-track set dripping with purple syrup, street pathos and unlimited swagger.

"This album is more advanced; it's like [I] graduated," he tells MTV News, while comparing it to his mixtape. "It took me a year to do it, so everything I've been going through — as far as life inspiration — is all from within this past year after I got my record deal. Live.Love.A$AP [is life] before the record deal and Long.Live.A$AP is after the deal."