'Love & Hip Hop': Erica Mena Flips Out, Tahiry Reveals Rap Career

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

In last night's episode of "Love & Hip Hop NY," Tahiry recounts the pool party brawl she had with Raqi Thunda. Tahiry says that she feels that something is off with Joe Budden and something's not right with her ex. We find out that she's right; Joe opens up to his mother that he has relapsed back into drug use.

The rapper tears up about his addiction and questions whether he blew up at his friend because he was high. He then shares his addiction with his girlfriend Kaylin Garcia and tells her that his Mom and Dad were both addicts too, but have been clean for over 20 years. "You're not alone babe. I'm here," says Kaylin, whose father was also a drug addict.

We meet Jen "The Pen" Bayer, gossip blogger and radio personality, who has been dating rapper Consequence. The couple have been dating for five years and have a son. Jen meets up with her friend Winter Ramos, Fabolous' assistant who has worked everyone from Ja Rule to Diddy and has apparently slept/dated a lot of them too. Winter is putting her bed-hopping to good use and has penned a tell-all book about her music industry experiences. Jen is also returning back into the industry because she misses her career momentum and Cons is always complaining about money. One such instance is the fight the couple has over paying for their son's first birthday party. The argument, for the record, happens while they're sitting in a Bentley.

Rapper Lore'l and Erica Mena meet up to discuss a collabo track. Erica is regretting working and smashing Rich Dollaz and wonders whether she should stop one or the other. Rich forbids Erica from recording with Lore'l because he doesn't feel it's a good career move. Rich then sits down with Tahiry, who is trying to launch her own music career. Rich admits he has always had a crush on Tahiry. Oh boy... Erica, Tahiry, and Lore'l finally all meet at a club. "I'mma drink to beautiful women," toasts Rich.

Lore'l brings up the collabo record but Rich openly says he isn't feeling it. "No record. We're not doing it. Period," he declares and then goes to flirt with Tahiry.

Lore'l then starts trash talking Rich. The flirting and trash talk get to Erica and she says that she's ready to go. The very drunk Erica then wilds completely out. Rich and Erica start screaming on the street (while she still has her drink in her hand) and then Erica and L'orel get into it. L'orel then says, "What you gonna do? Kick him in the head like you did your babyfather?" in reference to a video she saw of Erica flipping out on World Star Hip Hop.

Erica goes H.A.M. and threatens to kick L'orel in the neck.

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