Southside Calls Out Rico Beats Over Production Credit On Pusha T's "Millions"

By Maurice Bobb

Beef between rappers is nothing new in the annals of hip-hop. But hip-hop producers beefing? That’s new territory. Seems that Southside, who has produced such tracks as Waka Flocka’s "Fuck the Club Up" and “Illest Motherf-cker Alive” from Jay-Z and Kanye West’s joint LP,Watch the Throne, is none too pleased that Rico Beats, producer of such hits as Soulja Boy's "Mean Mug" and Nicki Minaj’s “Roman Reloaded,” was asked to tweak the beat he did for Pusha T’s latest single, “Millions,” featuring Rick Ross, without his consent or permission.

Southside claims he did the original beat to the song, which is slated to appear on Pusha’s upcoming mixtape, Wrath of Caine, but Rico was allegedly asked by Pusha to make some changes to it before its release and received co-production credit for his efforts, an unforseen outcome that left South livid. The Brick Squad Records beat maker took to Twitter last night to air out his grievances over the perceived slight when he tweeted: “To good music need to inform ni--as if they gone have ni--as fuckin wit yo beats honestly I don't here wat dis @ricobeats guy did.”

Not to let that slide, the producer born Ricardo Lamarre, who produced Pusha’s Drake diss on “Exodus 23:1,” fired right back with the following tweets: “@sizzle808MAFIA fam like I told everyone when they talkin bout that sh-t I did redid damn drums and choir that's what they emailed me to do. they been asking me for f-cking year to redo ya drums and the choir u had I kept saying no until last week. I don't give f-ck bout no production credit on millions G I ain't chassin that I ain't ask for no bread or pub. i ain't know ni--az gave me co pub till sh-t came out so go holla at them ni--az fam I ain't chassin no mixtape cred.” He ended his explanation about the matter with a very direct closing statement: “@sizzle808MAFIA I could give a f-ck.”

The producer born Joshua Luellen then retorted with the following tweet: “@RICOBEATS u couldn't redo sh-t it ain't re done y'all f-ck ni--as y'all makes a name off ni--as like me u didn't ask for it but u took it.”

Both producers continued lobbing social media grenades in 140 characters or less until the threats became real when Rico tweeted this: “@sizzle808MAFIA ni--a shut ya dirty ass up and holla when u see me. I'm here NY come ni--a stop all that tweeting just get down here.” South fired back with a threat of his own: “@RICOBEATS ill have ni--a pull up on ur gay ass where Eva u at ni--a. bet say no more ni--a.”

Thankfully, both parties stopped tweeting each other and, presumably, went back to making beats.

No word on whether any of the threats were carried out, but let’s hope this beef stays in the tweets where it belongs.