Beyonce's Official GQ Cover Revealed: How's It Compare To Rihanna's?

By Henna Kathiya

GQ could not keep Beyonce under wraps any longer. The cover of the magazine’s February issue leaked online days before it’s official release, and on Wednesday (January 9) they finally unveiled the official cover. Beyonce is baring plenty of skin with red leopard undies and a barely there cut-off football tee as one of the “100 sexiest women of the year.” See the full cover inside.

There’s no question that Bey exudes sultriness on her racy cover, with fans all agreeing that the 4 singer looks amazing post pregnancy.

@JasonHWinston wrote, “My mailman stole my Rihanna issue of #GQ. I hope he doesn't take this one, but it's very likely. @GQMagazine: Beyoncé and @MissMerli added, "Simply because her name is @BaddieBeyLove it! Beyonce is sizzling in February...#Style #GQ #BluesMom."

A.B. @balmaxbesos wrote, "Beyonce's February GQ cover is something else. God bless this beautiful woman," and then the Rihanna comparisons began. @jameelajamil wrote, "Woah! Look out Rhianna... Beyonce is on the naked bandwagon...#iamabsolutelyreadyforthisjelly.

Rihanna posed in a similar fashion for last month’s GQ cover except she was wearing even less, with only a leather jacket on. Fans are inevitably comparing the two singers but its’ hard to pick a winner with these two beauties.

There is a lot more Queen B to see in the upcoming months with her singing the national anthem at the Presidential inauguration and performing at the Super Bowl halftime show where 100 fans will join her onstage. This magazine is only a sneak peek at the full spread which GQ plans to reveal in it’s entirety on January 15.