Game Laughs Off Stepfather's Male Stripper Comments

Took him a little bit, but Game finally caught wind of that video of his "stepfather" airing out details about his past as a male stripper, and he has a pretty good sense of humor about it.

"This fag get out of jail & because I dont give em no money... He do a interview with Shade 45 lying wit the same stripper story.. ha ha...," he wrote on Tuesday (January 8). "It don't work n---a. It's old, n----s tried dat 1 & n----s still thinkin that bulls---- gone END me ? I'm to the Canyons on yo bum ass n----a."

He also added, "Hol up.... Talkin bout he my stepfather ? Bitch, my mama aint never been MARRIED !!! Mad cause I aint loan yo gay ass no $$$."

Hodari Sababu took Pitchfork TV on 'A Hip Hop Guided Tour of Compton," during which he casually mentioned that Game, born Jayceon Taylor, had a short-lived stint as a male stripper. "Me and Game's mom started a male exotic club," he said. "We used to get guys that came fresh out of jail, they was buffed up and needed money. A lot of these guys can't go and fill out an application and get a job but hey, if they look good, they been working out we put 'em on man. Jayceon danced there maybe twice and 50 cent will not let him forget it. Somehow somebody got pictures of him dancing in that club with his g-string on and boy boy boy